The truth about Animal Testing claims

In today’s market it’s rare to find a company that doesn't support the rights of animals or uses the ‘non animal tested’ logo on their packaging, website or product in some way. There are very few companies who don’t use the logo.
The fact however is, that sometimes in the case of Animal Testing the product is tested after it has been produced, packaged and ready for distribution. For example in China, products sold to the public are subject to random selection for animal testing. This means that any skincare products that are sold in China through a retail store, may be selected and tested on animals.
The largest skincare and beauty companies in the world (whos names I will omit but you should be able to guess) are currently setting up flagship stores in China. So how valid are their claims to Animal Testing.


We will never sell our products in a store in China nor setup a flagship store in China or any country which still permits the testing of beauty and skincare products on Animals.