Our favorite fashion influence-rs

It wasn’t easy culling the mammoth talent pool of fashion bloggers out there, but here THEY are – three OF OUR FAVOURITES that we love love love!


We’re all pretty different at the Just Good Skincare head office when it comes to fashion style. We have a pretty relaxed office, our manager and owner, encourages us to dress for your ego.


“Our office is a pretty unique mash-up of eclectic style, thanks to our boss Lena who has one rule we all must adhere to; Always have clean hair and wear deodorant, the rest is Picasso!” says Rosella Campari, Just Good Skincare, Account Manager.


Here are just 3 of our go-to fashion influence-rs of the day


Harper & Harley

We love Australian fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, who’s originally from the sunny beaches of Queensland, (Australia’s Miami) but pens a blog that is quite contradictory to style you’d typically find in this part of Australia. Sara has a distinct love of all things grey, black or white– it’s very un-Queenslander which is typically all about bright colours and patterned prints. If you love monochrome, then you’ll love this blogger.

Website: Check out Sara’s website in a new TAB      



Double denim. Are you game? My rules on how to play over on the blog. 💙 A photo posted by SARA DONALDSON (@harperandharley) on

Round Ray-Bans. Have they won you over yet? ⚫️⚫️

A photo posted by SARA DONALDSON (@harperandharley) on


Fashion Filth

Lexi is a UK street-style, fashion couture blogger, who has a serious arsenal of iconic staples such as the Hermes Birkin, the Saint Laurent sac de jour, countless Chanel bags, designer shoes, YSL jewellery and more! While some of these items are hand-me-downs from her supermodel mother, the collection is all of her own and not a stock pile borrowed from PR agencies. The feisty, tattooed Londoner, has what I call an opulent street-style that would make you envious! At just 20 something years old, Lexi has achieved it all, without the aid of an agent or a photographer boyfriend. We recommend you check out her blog and YouTube! Warning super addictive and highly impressionable. Website : Check out Fashion Filth website in a new TAB    




Emily Cocklin

This blog is another huge favourite in our office. Emily has a particular street style, she’s super cool, loves paring things such as leather culottes, double denim and wide brimmed fedoras. Just Good Skincare founder Lena Sgambati says “Nothing screams confidence, louder than a woman in a funky hat like Emily Cocklin!” says Sgambati.

Website: Check out Emily’s website in a new TAB


Little preview of my latest collab with 🍂 @missguided #babesofmissguided #denim A photo posted by E M I L Y C O C K L I N (@emilycocklin) on

P o L o @filauk

A photo posted by E M I L Y C O C K L I N (@emilycocklin) on


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