New Zealand bans Animal Testing


This month New Zealand MPs have unanimously supported a ban
on animal testing on all finished cosmetic products and their ingredients.


From left, owner of Crumpet the Rabbit Greta-Mae McDowell, Green Party MP Mojo Mathers and #BeCrueltyFree campaigner Tara Jackson.

Photo credit : 

RNZ / Demelza Leslie

The news was welcomed by the NZ Cosmetic Association who
said that the next step would be to regulate cosmetic imports. The association’s
executive director Garth Wyllie said;  

“we wouldn’t
expect to see any products not available here in New Zealand, and bearing in
mind where animal testing is done in the world it is only done by regulators
such as China and on very specific products.”

Mr Wyllie went on to note that he believed the import ban of
animal tested cosmetics -will soon follow.


Green MP Mojo Mathers celebrates the Government’s announcement of a proposal to ban animal testing. 
Photo credit : RNZ / Jane Patterson

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