My 6 Day Bridesmaid Skin Plan


AAAA I’ve only got 6 days to get good skin for my friends wedding!


Ok, so this blog post is not supposed to be an endorsement
on how you can literally outshine the bride – I’ve just spent the last week and a bit,

traveling for work, living out of a suitcase and eating-out almost every night – My skin needs a desperate fix, in time for my friends wedding- in 6 days!

So if you’re interested, here’s what I’m going to be doing to get my skin – bridesmaid ready!

So you’ve gathered I’m going to be one of the
bridesmaids, essentially this means, my head needs to be photo-proofed for all the image
regurgitating that’s going to be done on Facebook, Instagram and social media
alike – ahhhhhh.

It also means that when my friend, the gorgeous bride, decides to make
beautiful little babies with her soon to be husband, her children will one day,
want to bring those photos out and poke fun at how ridiculous we all dressed
back in 2015! Hmmm I wonder what they’ll make of all
those trendy bearded and tattooed folk?

Now I don’t care that they’ll probably be laughing at our fabulous fashions and our over bouffed bouffants,
but I just don’t want them asking,

mummy, who’s the bridesmaid with the big zit on her head?”



So here’s my typical formula of fools-proofing – my face, before an event.
I don’t call it a ‘cleanse’ or a ‘detox’ because well…
honestly, I’m just going to be making some really  easy and simple changes to my otherwise ordinary
routine / lifestyle. You can try them too and see if they work for you, as they
do for me!


I have slight pigmentation marks on
my face and sugar causes them to appear darker and redder. So over the next 6
days I’m going to be skipping desert and saving the Cornetto ice-creams I bought on sale this week, to eat the
week-next. Hmmmm the count-down begins!!!



The Freak-Zit is a hideous creature, it usually rears its head right
before a date night, school photos, a big interview or on the day you just
happen to run into your dreaded X – and his new girlfriend! We’ve all
encountered the Freak-Zit and it’s
not pretty! But there is an ingredient that helps deny a Freak-Zit from showing up on the morning of your do, it’s Alpha or
Beta Hydroxyl acid (AHA / BHA).

These compounds are generally
derived from fruits such as pineapples and apples and they do wonders for the
skin, when applied topically. Generally AHA/BHA exfoliate all the dead skin
cells from the surface of your skin. They help to remove affected top cells and
unclog deep congested pores that scrubbing just can’t reach. They’re best applied at night which is why I have them formulated in the Just Good Skincare: ‘7hr AgeRepair Night Cream’.
I’m going to be applying this cream, every night from
now until the wedding! It generally gives me pretty fast results, so 6 days is plenty of time to get my skin looking amazing – it’s pretty much going to ensure that I
DON’T break-out with any freak zits!



If you haven’t jumped on this
bandwagon yet – you don’t know what you’re missing! Apple cider vinegar is a
skin saviour! This sock-smelling, tangy brew clears everything from uneven skin
tone to acne! I love it because it almost immediately evens my skin tone and clears blemishes I get around my chin and neck area – straight away!

The best way to drink it – is
supposed to be first thing in the morning, with hot water.  However I’ll be honest – I just can’t stomach it
like this! I find it easier to dilute a tablespoon, in 1 Litre of ice-cold
water. I’m going to be upping my dosage this week, which mean I’ll take 2 tablespoons by drinking 2 Litres every day
from now until the wedding.



Sweating it out till I’m as red as a tomato!
When I work-out I don’t just get flushed – no that would be an understatement.
My entire face goes RED – and what makes things worse is the fact that I have a
naturally round face shape, which emphasizes my form of looking like a giant-walking-human-tomato-head.
But hey, give me 30 minutes and it calms down.

This is actually a really good thing though!
Heat causes the body to dilate blood vessels in your skin, so that they reduce
your overall body temperature. Your face turns red because warm, oxygenated
blood rushes to the surface of your skin, which helps heat radiate off it and
prevents you from overheating. It also detoxifies the pores and stimulates collagen
production! So your skin looks more plump, clear and glowing almost immediately

I’ll be doing two 45 minute hot-yoga classes this week, because nothing gets
you redder than a class of stretching your feet above your head and holding your chin
between your ass in a crowded and heated room. I’ll also be doing a 20 minute session in my gyms sauna –
the day before the wedding.



I’m going to be adding 3 drops of our high
potency Vitamin C: Daily Collagen Drops, before my night cream. This is going to ensure that I achieve a
beautiful youthful skin glow for the big day! I swear by this product, it’s
what I call – “my sure thing”  simply because I know that it’s going to give me the skin glow that I love! And here’s why, one of the best skin care tips I can honestly give you is that you should never use the same products consecutively on your face, for more than 2 months.  I change my products from month to month. I do this, so my skin doesn’t build a tolerance them. Botanical formulations are generally more synergistic with the skin than synthetic formulas – However skin builds a tolerance to everything, even the
weather! It’s the body’s natural defense mechanism to protecting itself. So switching your products around from month to month will allow your skin to always gain the full benefits of the products active ingredients. Our Daily Collagen Drops are
best applied at night and I see results as quick as the morning after – like
I said it’s “my sure thing” my go-to product for achieving an all-over, even skin-tone, glow and youthful plump!

Ok guys if you’ve gotten this far down in
the blog post – mwa mwa mwa! Don’t forget to checkout our website for all
our products! We try to create new promotions for you every month. If have any questions let me know as
always. I hope you are all enjoying spring and taking care of your beautiful
faces! It’s unfortunately the end of summer here is Australia, but it’s still
pretty warm, so I haven’t yet needed my coats or jackets – I’m
not looking forward to wearing them!

As always be good to your skin with Just Good Skincare, love the planet and those
who we share it with – the rest is just


Love Lena



I’ll keep you updated on how the wedding
turns out!









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