Let’s get real about “organic” labelling

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This is the one question I get asked about – constantly! It’s a topic becoming more and more controversial with the overload of “organic” branded products bombarding our stores – worldwide!

These days there’s everything from – organic chocolate, to condoms, sports drinks, bed socks, fragrances even nail polish! Seriously when will the mayhem stop! When is someone going to finally call a spade a spade on this BS! Am I the only one who finds it all alittle crazy-ridiculous!


Let’s get real, there’s nothing organic or wholesome about a manmade synthetic – or is there? I mean wasn’t ‘organic’ meant to be about not using ‘pesticides’ in farming techniques? Didn’t it all start because people realised the pictures marketing our fresh food produce, didn’t actually reflect how farms were being operated.


For years in Australia, the highest selling supermarket milk was a bottle branded as being the ‘Farmers’ milk.  It had a picture of a jolly fat, black & white cow, nestled on a paddock of rolling green hills, dotted with bright yellow coloured daisy’s and munching on some luscious green grass.

It wasn’t until one day that someone discovered (presumably some city folk) that these cows didn’t actually exist or at least not in the way the picture depicted they did. And so the organic pandemic was born, from the realisation of a romantic – disillusionment.


The way I see it, drinking an organic bottle of ‘Apple Cider Ginger Beer’ is still going to rot your teeth just as well as a non-organic ‘Apple Cider Ginger Beer’ will (who drinks that cr*p anyway!)


I asked some friends of mine on what they thought an organic product was, the answers were alittle amusing. One said she defined ‘Organic’ as a product closest to nature while another tells me that organic is a product that has the fewest ingredients in it. Another feels that a product is organic when the ingredients are listed in English and doesn’t have a list of chemical type words on the back. Oh and another said it’s a product with at least 70% of an organic ingredient in it! Great – so that explains all those new organic perfumes and whitening masks out there with the top ingredient being Aqua – WATER!


So it appears that this marketing trend has taken a strong grip of my 30 something year old girlfriends, who have seamlessly traded their café chilling, cigarette chaining days, for fluro coloured trainers and quinoa minced green juice.


So is this so bad after all? Perhaps not. If something has converted an entire generation into being completely health obsessed, then it can’t be that bad! I mean we’re all going to be working longer into our retirements anyway, so we better have the bodies to do it I guess.

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