Lets change the way we consume skin care

Why should beauty come at the cost of someones life

 At Just Good Skincare we're all pretty passionate about natural products that don't contain harsh and nasty chemicals, aren't tested on animals and aren't made in Asian sweat shops. What is the point of buying a product that's good for you - but bad for the planet & humanity. 

All our products,  labels, bottles, pumps, packaging and ingredients are sourced from ethical manufacturers, local businesses in Australia as well as American TGA approved Pharmaceutical laboratories. 

We're all big enough and ugly enough to try products on ourselves rather than have them force fed to mice or smeared into the eyes of rabbits. At the end of the day, if a product isn't full of chemicals, fragrances or synthetic stabilizers - then it should be safe enough to test on HUMANS. 

All the Just Good Skincare products are tested on Australians and not on animals. We also refuse to sell our products to any retail stores in China as they are subject to being selected at random for compulsory animal testing. 

We also don’t believe in using marketing tactics that most skin care companies use to sell skin care products. You won't read about a new miracle ingredient in our range - or an ancient newly discovered ingredient no there's no bullsh*t in our range - Just Good Skincare.  

We’re passionate about making a difference and promoting ‘Ethical Consumption & Sourcing’. Join our movement today and support the change. Start making purchase decisions based on how ethical a product is produced and don't forget to stop and look at how it is promoted. We don’t believe in disguising our skin care with marketing bullsh*t!

If you see a product labelled with total bullsh*t - some sort of funny, crazy, or unreal claim  - take a photo - and Hashtag it to #withoutthebull

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