Skincare icon Dr. Frederick Brandt commits suicide

By Lena Sgambati


Today I woke to the very sad news that Dr. Frederick Brandt, committed suicide after reportedly being offended by a television parody in Tina Feis new comedy hit ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’.

There are details that people drew similarities to a character on the show, played by Martin Sheen with striking likenesses to Dr. Brandt.I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Brandt almost 7 years ago when he came to Sydney, Australia for work. I remember hearing about his eccentricities in a legendary like context.  He was rumored to have self-injected himself with Botox and wherever he went, I heard that he had an assistant by his side at all times, holding a UV blocking umbrella. I’d also heard that he was almost
70 with the skin of a 20 year old and that Madonna was his most famous client. 



Of course
all of this was nothing more than, titillating industry gossip but I do
remember the day I did finally meet Dr. Brandt. His skin was amazing, but the
one distinct feature that stood out for me – were his hands. I was mesmerized
by his porcelain-like skin. The texture looked smoother than the marble of an ancient
Italian statue, standing in the National Australian Museum. He spoke in a soft
but eccentric tone, traveled with a large entourage and I vaguely recall his assistant
clutching an umbrella. 

When we
spoke, he told me about how harsh he thought the Australian sun was and how our
Therapeutics Goods Administrator (similar to the American FDA) was so rigid in
their certifying of sun screens. I remember him telling me how he lathered
himself in sunscreen every morning, saying that it was the best anti-aging
product in the world, stressing that we should wear it even when the sun doesn’t

I wanted to
take a moment today to reflect on my memory of Dr. Brandt. I’ve always loved
eccentric people, people who are colorful and successful and who lead lives
that are different from the normality. Who doesn’t! These people represent our
inner rebel. We all have an ego deep within us that wants to defy social convention
I don’t think you’re normal if you don’t.
People like Dr. Brandt are the ones that have successfully achieved this.

What saddens
me more, is that his personal demons took over.

When you
work in the beauty industry, you’re challenged by the constant paradox of
promoting superficiality. You know that it is the poison of our society. I personally
try and contest these patterns in everything I do with Just Good Skincare.

Just as Dr.
Brandt was so much more than just a plumped faced parody, he was an
accomplished and well achieved dermatologist who attained more than most.

This month
in Australia (April) is known as the laughter month. It’s when we host the international
comedy festival in Melbourne, which attracts loads of visitors. I wanted to
take this opportunity to share with you all, a note that we need to learn to
laugh at ourselves.

At some
point in your life, no matter who you are and what you’ve achieved – someone is
going to laugh at you and you need to be ready for it. So starting today – laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t let your inner demons take over and remember make sure that you’re the one who laughs at yourself – first.


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