Growing up in the 80s I can still remember waking up early in the mornings only to find my plump Italian mother, panting around our television room to Jane Fonder’s exercise videos. What I can vividly recall is how my mother’s sweat drenched hair would stick to the sides of her face as she struggled her way through the routine. Jane on the other hand, in her crutch-high leotard glory, never had as much as a hair fall out of place!  She remained flawless throughout her routine!

Sadly despite my mamma’s efforts, she never did achieved those Jane Fonders thighs, but she certainly had the most incredible skin! That’s because exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, which then stimulates more oil and sweat.

‘Sweating’ is the skins natural detoxification process.  As you sweat, your skin purges out all those nasty toxins achieving more plump, glowing, radiant skin! As a skin expert and founder of Just Good Skincare, I often meet women who regularly exercise but have terribly blemished skin, that’s really really dry! This is due to either cleansing with the wrong type of products or not cleansing at all!

Its super important to always shower after a workout as this prevents bacterial or fungal infections that may occur from dirt clogging up your pores. As you sweat, the oil on your skin attracts more dirt and more sunlight. This makes you more prone to sun damage and premature aging! When you wash those oils off with a harsh soap – you’re stripping the skin dry!

I recommend to all my clients our specially formulated Soap-Free Cream Cleanser, which is designed not to strip the skin of its natural oils, clear the pores from those toxins and keep it super hydrated. We always tell people to take advantage of your skin while it’s in “Stimulated Production Mode” after exercise and apply a concentrated serum straight after.

Our super concentrated AgeRepair Serum is formulated without oils, so it won’t interfere with the detox process of your skin! Follow this with a moisturiser packed with botanical AHA/BHAs, such as our 12hr AgeRepair Moisture, the fruit acids help shed those dead skin cells, (which increase after exercise because you’ve stimulated the cellular renewal process.) and keep your pores clear.

All our products are available from our website, and we gladly ship internationally. Start using skincare that gives you results and thats actually good for you and stop putting all that other bullsh*t on your face! 



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