Holy Skin – 5 reasons for enlarged pores


Sick of those gaping holes on your face, here are 5 things that could be causing your pores to enlarge.



If you’ve just bought a Clarisonic or a face scrubbing brush, or even a new face polish – you’re over using it if your pores are starting to enlarge. That’s because exfoliating stimulates oil production. Scrubs that contain fruit stones, sand and salt are particularly bad. Synthetic face brushes are also worse than natural bristle brushes.  We recommend the Once-A-Week-Resurfacing-Face-Buff, by Just Good Skincare which is formulated with non-abrasive exfoliating jojoba micro-spheres that melt onto the skin rather than scratch it.




Face oils such as Rosehip, Argan, Olive, Shea, Almond, Moroccan, Nerolie, Squalene etc… are great at what I call “resetting the skin” because they trick the skin into thinking its producing oil, by slowing down, natural oil production. BUT too much oil, clogs pores and causes them to enlarge and using them for too long causes dryness and even dermatitis. You should only use face oils every-now-and-then. Try moisturizers with BHA (Salicylic acid) ingredients. They unclog your pores as well as shrink them because they’re lipid soluble (dissolves in oil). Another super ingredient to look for is Hyaluronic acid because it’s a water soluble, great for strengthening skin protein and has loads of other skin benefits but the mainly it helps reduce pores. The 7hr Age Repair Night Cream is a great cream packed with BHAs as well as the 12hr Age Repair Moisturizer which is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid from Just Good Skincare.




Your moisturizer could be doing you more harm, than good! Pores become enlarged for many reasons but the main one is simply because – their clogged. The skin naturally secretes more oils to try and clear-out what’s clogged-up! If your moisturizer contains too many synthetic ingredients, your skin won’t absorb it. It will just sit on the surface and clog the pores. Try applying less moisturizer to your face and look for plant based, botanical skincare. Plant based skincare synergies with your skin, it absorbs and repairs, rather than sit on surface and clogging.




You’ve heard it all before but its true – those rancid foaming cleansers yet again can cause another skin affliction. If you’re still using one (or worse a foaming cleanser with a face brush!) then you’re just adding fuel to the flame. Foaming cleanser will do nothing for enlarged pores. They dry and irritate your skin, prolong the healing process, making it more red, uneven in tone, patchy complexion and if you have any sort of pimple or acne pump – they’ll be sticking around for longer. Try looking for fruit or botanical based cream cleansers.




Large pores are generally an indication that your skin is clogged. I hate it when I hear people recommend powders to “absorb shine” because guess what – this is only going to make things worse! You need to stay away from all forms of powders when you’re trying to shrink your pores. Ditch anything with ‘illuminizers’ in them, or ‘mattifying’ products, blotting tissue paper etc.... These products generally have fiber agents in them that will only clog the pores more! Use foundations that are simple – I don’t recommend the oil-free ones even if you have oily skin! Skip the finishing face powders for a week or two and you’ll soon see a difference in your skin.



Anyway those are my 5 reasons your pores might be getting bigger. Finally I recommend giving your face a good ‘steam treatment’ to really clean-out your pores. You can usually pick one these little gems up from Target. Alternatively – sweating it out at the gym will also do the trick or a hot sauna. Anything that’s going to send the blood rushing to your face like a bright red tomatoes will pretty much mean your pores are getting a good unblock!

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