A cellular turnover process that determines how quickly or slowly you age

The epidermis of your skin is kind of like a production line that manufactures thousands of cells everyday. These cells help keep your skin plump, wrinkle free, clear of acne and even skin toned. Unfortunately once they reach their maturity cycle, they die. Every year the rate of your cellular renewal gets slower and slower.


As each year passes your rate of cellular renewal gets slower and slower. The dead skin cells, sit on the top your skins layer and build up over time. They cause your skin to look dull, get flaky, clog-up, redness and uneven skin tone. But wait - removing them is not as easy as you think.



 The faster the cells renew themselves, the more collagen they’re producing, therefore the more youthful, glowing and radiant your skin appears. The best ingredients that help to remove the dead skin cells and boost the cellular turnover are Alpha Hydroxyl and Beta Hydroxyl acids - AHA / BHA


The following products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA)
Age Fighting Concentrated

A serum infused with powerhouse ingredients that hydrate, firm the skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles.

30mls / 1 flOZ


Daily Collagen

A high potency vitamin C with AHA / BHA to give your skin a smooth, clear glow

15 mls / 0.5 flOZ


Once-A-Week Resurfacing
Face Buff

A dermabrasion treatment formulated with 100% natural particles that exfoliate without irritation or damage.

30mls / 1 flOZ


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AgeRepair 12hr
Moisture Cream

Packed with fruit enzymes and hydrators to plump and clear the skin without leaving to feel greasy or oily.

57 gms / 2 flOZ


AgeRepair 7hr
Night Cream

A powerful night cream formulated with AHA/BHA non-synthetic fruit enzymes that help remove dead surface skin cells and boost your cellular turnover. 

57 gm/ 2 flOZ



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