Does city-living give you more wrinkles?

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If you’ve walked through a beauty isle recently, you may have noticed the latest insurgence of ‘anti-pollutant’ creams and lotions promising to protect you from smog and pollution. I guess it seems if beauty companies aren’t trying to save the environment, they need to protect you from it!


So how true are these claims – how harmful is the air we breathe. Does pollution really play havoc on our skin and if so – do city dwellers age less gracefully?


When I first saw these advertisements I must admit, it conjured up memories of my trip to China, seeing well-suited-up women, wearing surgical face masks on their way to work. I can remember my initial reaction being that of fear – thinking oh gosh what am I breathing? And there I was again, holding up a well packaged, chunky boxed moisturiser in a well-known Australian Beauty chain, thinking to myself – “aaaa what is the air doing to my face right now!”


Having said many times before, as a former beauty insider - I firmly oppose marketing skincare with scare tactics. I mean these products are literally selling fear of the air we breathe! But what I find most brazen is how twisted this ploy is, it’s basically just promoting - antioxidants. Yes that’s right there’s nothing new about a moisturiser protecting your skin from pollutants because it has loads of vitamins and vegetable lipids in it.


Pollution is bad for your skin, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually your skins own chemical reaction that does most of the harm!


The skin is like a giant factory, producing oil and acid to protect the body from infection. It’s alittle batman-like in a weird and wonderful way. Toxins in pollution clogs pores and cause infection, the skin then generates hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is a free radical and damages the protein components of the skin – i.e. collagen.


Antioxidants are chemicals that are able to stabilize free radicals, stopping the chain of chemical reactions and potential damage. Simply put; Antioxidants are able to prevent free radical damage and therefore slow the aging process.


BUT while pollution may trigger the skins chemical reaction – other environmental factors impact the skin too such as, strong winds, heavy sun exposure, dust storms, or bushfire smoke etc. In fact you may argue that, the more exposed you are to external elements, the more damage you’re doing to your skin as opposed to being in an enclosed environment.


So regardless of whether you’re a bank clerk in the city or in a small country town – depending on whether you spend most of you time inside or out – is going to determine how fast or slow you age. Of course there are other elements too such as diet and exercise but that’s for another blog post.


Products packed with antioxidants, will work as barricades against pollutants / ‘free-radicals’ which cause premature aging. We recommend opting for oil-free serums or light moisturizers that contain ingredients such as Green Tea, Beta 1,3D Glucan, Willow Bark, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Vitamin C or E. The Just Good Skincare Concentrated Serum, $110.00 is a great oil-free product, packed with loads of free-radical fighting antioxidants that absorb zippy-fast into your skin and can be applied before any day or night cream. Add it to your regime today!

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