Adult skin that still gets acne

Why is my skin acting like a 16 year old?

  WHAT THE FUNK IS GOING ON WITH MY FACE? If you’re reading this right now with angst over why the hell your skin is breaking out like a pubescent teen – I feel your pain! What’s more frustrating is that for most of you, the products you used to use for acne in your […]

New Zealand bans Animal Testing

BREAKING NEWS This month New Zealand MPs have unanimously supported a ban on animal testing on all finished cosmetic products and their ingredients. Image:  From left, owner of Crumpet the Rabbit Greta-Mae McDowell, Green Party MP Mojo Mathers and #BeCrueltyFree campaigner Tara Jackson. Photo credit :  RNZ / Demelza Leslie The news was welcomed by […]


Skincare icon Dr. Frederick Brandt commits suicide By Lena Sgambati Today I woke to the very sad news that Dr. Frederick Brandt, committed suicide after reportedly being offended by a television parody in Tina Feis new comedy hit ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’. There are details that people drew similarities to a character on the show, played […]

5 Things Every Australian Does to have Good Skin

The Australian climate is one of the most damaging to the skin but its women are some of the most beautiful on the planet! So what do they do differently from the rest of the world? It’s true Australians are completely obsessed with anti-aging and skin care. We regularly have a national morning tea that […]


Growing up in the 80s I can still remember waking up early in the mornings only to find my plump Italian mother, panting around our television room to Jane Fonder’s exercise videos. What I can vividly recall is how my mother’s sweat drenched hair would stick to the sides of her face as she struggled […]

Skin Tip Tuesday – GARLIC

Believe it or not but GARLIC is one of the best vegetables you can eat for your skin! Here are our top 5 reasons why ….. My Top 5 skin benefits of eating garlic. So here’s the thing, as a child of Italian migrants that owned Fruit & Veg shops, I have distinct horrific memories […]