Just Good Skincare Fall skincare myths about suntanning 300 x 300

SKINCARE BS: Our #1 FALL Skincare myth

MYTH #1: You can reverse your summer tan damage, with Laser skin treatments.   Lena Sgambati, skincare expert from Just Good Skincare tells us that a myth she wants to debunk, is the perception that women can reverse summer sun damage, with a few treatments of IPL or LED Laser in fall.   “Don’t get […]

Generation organic

Let’s get real about “organic” labelling

This is the one question I get asked about – constantly! It’s a topic becoming more and more controversial with the overload of “organic” branded products bombarding our stores – worldwide! These days there’s everything from – organic chocolate, to condoms, sports drinks, bed socks, fragrances even nail polish! Seriously when will the mayhem stop! […]

Are antioxidants the answer to premature aging

Does city-living give you more wrinkles?

  If you’ve walked through a beauty isle recently, you may have noticed the latest insurgence of ‘anti-pollutant’ creams and lotions promising to protect you from smog and pollution. I guess it seems if beauty companies aren’t trying to save the environment, they need to protect you from it!   So how true are these […]